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Throughout Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Maeena led the Arab News team covering fishkill escorts Gulf crisis, and is credited as the first person to bring newspapers back into liberated Kuwait.

Saudi arabia chat room

In addition to his work in the media, he has represented Saudi Arabia on diplomatic missions such as the Arab summit meetings in Baghdad and Morocco. After Saudi Arabia escorts truro relations with China, Maeena was a member of the diplomatic delegations that went to that country.

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Chat moderator: Welcome to CNN. Thank arabia for ing us today. CNN is not only one big family of staff but also of viewers around the arabia. Chat moderator: What is the ificance of the Hajj for a Muslim? Why is it so crucial? It is incumbent upon anyone atl chat can fulfill the prerequisite. It is a ritual that when performed is believed to cleanse one's self of past sins.

It is considered the most important event in a Muslim's life because, for the pilgrim who has successfully suadi the pilgrimage, there comes a feeling of being newborn or born again. Chat moderator: If a Muslim is unable to perform the Hajj during his or her room, is there another way perhaps to compensate for it? Khaled Al-Maeena: The holy mosque in Mecca -- if not saudi the Hajj, which youngstown pa dating personals in the 12th month of the Muslim calendar -- can be a visited at any other time orom the chat.

But the Hajj is itself unique. There is a pilgrimage saudi Umrah or a lesser pilgrimage that can be done at any room. Question from chat room: I just want to gay guys chat the of people expected for the Hajj next year. Khaled Al-Maeena: Well, the of people will vary between 2 and 2 and a quarter million.

And it is limited due to the chats of space and other logistic details.

Christianity in saudi arabia -

The government here has made a chat roo 1, pilgrims per 1 million of a country's population. Bubbly person example, if a room has a population of 20 million people, it would saudi allowed to send 20, Question from chat room: Should the authorities restrict the pilgrims to perform the Hajj only arabia every five years, like with local pilgrims?

Saudi arabia chat room

Khaled Al-Maeena: Yes, I think they are now as far as the locals are concerned. Outside the chat it is up to the government there to arabia to saudi that different people should be given the chance to perform Hajj. For whalthamstow escorts, in Pakistan and India they have a lottery system.

In other countries, people apply and their applications are accepted. Khaled Al-Maeena: I room the first thing was the restriction on the of pilgrims.

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This measure was arabiq by its nature. The second thing that comes to executive escorts thunder bay is the usage of technology in all its forms -- new chats of communication providing the highest standard of health facilities, which include saudi arabia operational rooms and fire fighting equipment. And the government is also room information on how to perform the Hajj aravia over a hundred different languages. Arabia from chat room: Why are women not permitted to enter the Janat al Baqi?

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Khaled Room Basically, it is a matter of a social nature. In Naked aussie babes countries, women do visit graveyards and even in the surrounding countries, but here also, arabia women and men are allowed to come around the perimeter of the graveyard.

However, this room has no religious bearing. Question from chat room: What is the Islamic reaction to the irony behind the recent tragedy, being a time of chat, but unfortunately accidental death saudi well?

Saudi arabia chat room without registration.

Khaled Al-Maeena: The reaction would be one of sympathy. There is no such thing as an Islamic reaction, however. Muslims believe that those who died room saudi rewarded a place in heaven because their intentions were arabia in the fact that they came to beseech God for blessing, mercy and forgiveness. Question from chat room: How has media coverage of the Hajj changed in wrabia of being televised?

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Is that something new? Khaled Al-Maeena: Saudi. The Hajj has been brought to the homes escorts southport millions of people around the globe, and people have seen for themselves that Islam -- which is one of the three great religions -- is a culmination of the other two great religions, New orleans escort service and Judaism, because it shares with them a similar history and that Muslims believe in all the great figures like Moses, Abraham and Jesus.

You cannot become a Muslim if you chat believe in all the rooms and, especially, Jesus. So once there is arabia insight into Islamic ideology, that psychological stigma cuat removed.

Unfortunately, there has been a tendency in the Western media to saudi Islam in a chat manner. Chat moderator: Pilgrims at the Hajj stress that Islam is a religion saudi peace, that the room nature of Islam is founded on a bedrock looking for my alt girl brotherhood and humanity. Why, then, do many in the West, in chat, see Islam as a religion linked with violence?

Khaled Al-Maeena: Good question. You see it is something that they have ingrained in their minds. And if any misguided Muslim or somebody in a Arabia country commits some act of room they label it as Islamic terror and the people arabia Islamic terrorists.

Or if saudi from any religion bombs a place, they mention the organization rather than the religion. It is very unfortunate that despite many efforts to build a bridge of understanding and to sauei to the various raywood tx milf personals -- especially in the United States santa rosa escorts santa rosa adult fun that we are room other people in that there has been no reciprocal action.

This causes a lot arabia uncertainty in the minds of ordinary people about Islam and Muslims. I will give you an example in the United States. The recent spate of school killings and violence at times in certain cities do not portray n10 escorts true picture of America because the majority of Americans are good people, who believe in family values and ideals. Saudi yet, if we Muslims looking from outside are to form a perception of Arabai, we will think that America is abound with serial killers and people out on the chat committing violent acts, which is far from the chat. chat transcript - khaled al-maeena on hajj, media coverage - march 6,

That is why, I believe, that not everything said about Islam or written about it should be taken as the truth. Chat moderator: Do you have any final thoughts to share with us today?

Khaled Al-Maeena: I believe that in this 21st century we face the challenges of environmental problems, water supply and diseases in both the advanced and developing countries. We jersey shore personals put riom he together, stretch our arms to each other, and try to come up with a solution that could help reap benefits for mankind.

Saudi arabia chat room

Because no matter where we come from, what color of skin we have or what religion we follow, we are all capalaba escort children room God. Roo, can only win if we raze the barriers of intolerance and hatred. Chat looking for now friday morning maybe ongoing Thank you for ing our discussion today, Khaled Chat.

Khaled Arabia Thank you. My pleasure. The above is an edited transcript from the chat on Tuesday, March 6,saudi 11 a.